Routine Foot Care

Keeping our feet in good shape keeps us healthy and mobile.

Regular care or appointments can help prevent chronic foot complications.

Problems such as corns and callouses (hard skin on your feet) form due to pressure or friction caused by footwear. If left unattended, they can become painful. Ingrown toe nails, tinea, fungal infections or thickened and deformed nails can make it difficult to care for your own feet. Seeing a podiatrist can make your managing your nails a lot easier.

Chronic ingrown toenails can be incredibly painful and cause infection. If they cannot be managed by conservative measures, we are able to perform a small nail surgery called a Partial Nail Avulsion (PNA) that permanently removes a portion of the nail to prevent the ingrown returning.

When you get older, your foot shape can change. Your foot is more likely to spread out, your arch can become flatter and problems like bunions or hammer toes can appear.

Making sure you wear the right size shoe is important, as well as cutting your toe nails straight across. You may have problems getting down to your feet to treat them – such as osteoarthritis, eye problems or dizziness – we are able to help you keep your feet in good shape!

Don’t live with foot pain

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